BzCentre provides events information around the world. 

Why make your life so boring? Find and join group event from BzCentre. You can easily find event according your need with our event search wizard and well categorized event groups. Further, with our Webinar feature, you can join internet event at any time, any place.

Event reminder will inform you the event is going to start before certain days, you will never miss a registered event. 

 For event owner, publish your event at BzCentre and you get the following benefits right away:

  • Powerful marketing tools to get major focus from effective candidates. Including news letter, web community sharing, fb, twitter, google+, yahoo...etc.
  • Collect registration fee on line with flexible pricing policy, i.e. early bird discount, group discount and member discount, in addition, you can collect late fee for those hot events.
  • Management tools of register, registrants, locations and event. It efficiently save cost and time from administration. 
  • provide views of web site visitors, so that they can easily find you. Views including categories view, calendar view, timeline view...etc.
  • Webinar, BzCentre provide seamless interactive capability with many webinar service providers, you can schedule internet event with BzCentre by location management.
  • Provides Google map to help your event participants easily find the exact physical location and direction. 
  • BzCentre webinar service provides video/audio, white board, desktop sharing, room management ...etc.
  • {{bzCerntre_en}} provide ticket to identify your registrant.

NOW, you can focus on how to make your event better and then publish your event by just a click, BzCentre will help you to find your counterparts.